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Brien Holden Vision Institute Academy is a centre of excellence for global eye health and vision care education. Through innovative and quality education programs, courses and resources, the Academy enables lifelong learning for eye care professionals.

Visit the Academy website and register, you will be able to access a range of resources including:

  • Global Optometry Resources
  • Virtual Refractor
  • Refractive error manuals
  • Grading scales
  • Vision centre toolkits
  • Primary eye care manuals

The Academy’s education initiatives include:

Global Optometry Resources - Comprising the backbone of a typical optometry curriculum, our series of multilingual online optometry modules offer the essential resources that educators and students frequently lack in limited resource settings.

Primary level intervention - We promote health and train health workers and teachers to conduct vision screenings so they can identify vision disorders and make referrals for the appropriate treatment.

Specialised courses and programs - We deliver and implement instructional programs in eye examinations, refraction, dispensing, low vision and other optometric specialty areas.

Vision centre management - To ensure the everyday running of vision centres is efficient and working towards sustainability, we run workshops for administrative staff.

Faculty development - We train eye health educators, enabling education to be conducted and sustained at a local level.

Research - Courses in research methodology and scientific writing are delivered to promote the incorporation of research in education and public health activities to validate processes and develop new models in eye care.

Professional continuing education - Through seminars and special programs we deliver topical information to eye care providers at all levels to enhance know how and improve the quality of services.


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  • Global Head Office
    Level 4 North Wing
    Rupert Myers Building
    Gate 14 Barker Street,
    University of New South Wales
    Sydney NSW 2052
  • +61 2 9385 7516

  • Africa Head Office
    172 Umbilo Road
    Durban 4001
    South Africa
  • +27 31 202 3811

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